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xerox +‎ -cracy


  • IPA(key): /zɪəˈɹɒkɹəsi/


xerocracy (uncountable)

  1. (informal) Political influence achieved by copying and distributing leaflets and similar material.
    • 1981, Muḥammad Ḥasanayn Haykal, The return of the Ayatollah
      As someone said, what was happening was a revolution for democracy, against autocracy, led by theocracy, made possible by xerocracy.
    • 1999, Orion Society, Orion afield: Volumes 4-6
      Ideas are spread, routes shared, and consensus sought through the ubiquitous copy machine — a "xerocracy" in which anyone is free to make copies of their ideas and pass them around.
    • 2010, Zack Furness, One Less Car: Bicycling and the Politics of Automobility (page 82)
      Xerocracy, or “rule through photocopying,” is the dominant paradigm of Critical Mass and rests on the premise that anyone can print, photocopy, and solicit media that advocate and/or explain the ride.
    • 2010, Jesús Ilundáin-Agurruza, Fritz Allhoff, Michael W. Austin, Cycling - Philosophy for Everyone: A Philosophical Tour de Force (page 137)
      Xerocracy is thus not only a means to shape participant and public perceptions about bicycle transportation (through facts, statistics, images, and personal narratives) []

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