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young man (plural young men)

  1. Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see young,‎ man.
    Synonym: (male) youth
  2. A term of endearment or admonishment by adults for a young boy.
    I cant understand you, young man, can you point to the one you want?
    • 1985 November 28, Bill Watterson, Calvin & Hobbes (comic):
      That does it, young man! You are excused to your room!
    • 2003 July 17, Tom Armstrong, Marvin (comic):
      Hey, young man... don't walk on the kitchen floor. I just mopped over there.
    • 2004, Warren W. Evans, Corky, Peggy and the Goldfinch, page 82:
      “Now you listen to me, young man!” Mom pointed a finger straight into my face.
    • 2004 September 21, Bill Amend, FoxTrot (comic):
      Hello, young man, I'm Quincy's mother. I decided to drop by to see how his adopted family is treating him.
  3. (dated) A male lover; a sweetheart.

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