zhoozh (third-person singular simple present zhoozhes, present participle zhoozhing, simple past and past participle zhoozhed)

  1. Alternative form of zhoosh
    • 2016 November 29, Ruiz, Michelle, “Don’t Worry Your Pretty Little Heads About What Hillary Clinton Is Up To”, in Vogue[1]:
      In her rare postelection appearance at the Children’s Defense Fund, she was picked apart for not wearing makeup or zhoozhing her hair—never mind the man with the can o’tan complexion and comb-over we are about to inaugurate.
    • 2018 December 31, Young, Sarah, “Outfit Idea for Evert New Year's Eve Event”, in The Independent[2]:
      Here, you are ultimately left with two choices; slum it in sweats or slip into something sparkly.¶ Of course, the former is entirely acceptable when dodging the world of triple-priced taxis but there’s no reason you can’t zhoozh up an otherwise mundane experience by dressing up a little.
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zhoozh (comparative more zhoozh, superlative most zhoozh)

  1. Alternative form of zhoosh
    • 2012 July 19, Droppa, Denis, “TESTED: Etios is practical and perky”, in Independent Online[3]:
      The car seems pretty well screwed together in general, it’s just that the interior styling is very bland and nothing like the zhoozh cockpits of more modern small cars such as the Aygo, Kia Picanto or Hyundai Accent.
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zhoozh (countable and uncountable, plural zhoozhes)

  1. Alternative form of zhoosh
    • 2005 March, Out, volume 13, number 9, outsource, page 65:
      If ever a website matched its owner, www.Ladybunny.net, the cyberspace home of Manhattan drag comedienne, Wigstock founder, and jet set DJ, this is it. Serving up a slickly psychedelic zhoozh of glitz, glamour, and go-go graphics, the website is a riot of color, video and music.
    • 2018 September 21, Burke, Siobhan, quoting Kyle Abraham, “The Choreographer Kyle Abraham Mixes Things Up at City Ballet”, in New York Times[4]:
      “I’m not trying to make ‘Save the Last Dance’ at City Ballet,” he said. “Like that canned version of ballet with an urban zhoozh. I’m fighting to not be doing that.”
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