Dutch edit

Verb edit

zin hebben

  1. to have a fancy for
    • 2019 May 3 (last accessed), visie21[1], archived from the original on 17 July 2009:
      Ik heb zin in Nederland.
      I have a fancy for the Netherlands.
  2. to feel like (doing something)
    • 2019 May 3 (last accessed), nedtlyrics[2], archived from the original on 17 October 2007:
      Ik heb zin om te vliegen.
      I feel like flying.
  3. to feel like eating
    Ik heb zin in ijs.
    I feel like eating ice cream.

Usage notes edit

The object of the verb is preceded by the preposition in if it is a noun phrase, and by om te if it is a verb. However, if the verb is used intransitively, it is left out.

Inflection edit