From Ancient Greek ζυγοστάτης (zugostátēs, public weigher).



zygostatēs m (genitive zygostatae); first declension

  1. a master of the weights, weighmaster
    • 529 C.E.Justinian I, Corpus Juris Civilis: Codex Justinianus, 10.73.2
      quotiens de qualitate solidorum orta fuerit dubitatio placet quem sermo graecus appellat per singulas civitates constitutum zygostaten qui pro sua fide atque industria neque fallat neque fallatur contentionem dirimere
      It is settled that when any doubt arises with reference to the purity of the solidi paid, the dispute shall be decided by the officer styled zygostat in Greek, who is appointed in each city, and who shall render his decision to the best of his ability and information.


First-declension noun (masculine Greek-type with nominative singular in -ēs).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative zygostatēs zygostatae
Genitive zygostatae zygostatārum
Dative zygostatae zygostatīs
Accusative zygostatēn zygostatās
Ablative zygostatē zygostatīs
Vocative zygostatē zygostatae

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