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Mežāzis (Capricornus)


From dialectal term mežāzis (male roe deer), translating Late Latin Capricornus (goat horn), from Latin capra (goat) and cornū (horn).


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Proper nounEdit

Signs of the Zodiac
Strēlnieks Capricorn.svg Ūdensvīrs
Latvian Wikipedia has an article about Mežāzis.

Mežāzis m (1st declension)

  1. (astronomy) the constellation of Capricorn or Capricornus; astronomical abbreviation: Cap
    Mežāža trops — tropic of Capricorn
  2. (astrology) Capricorn (zodiac sign); astrological symbol: )
    pēc horoskopa viņš ir Mežāzis — by the horoscope, he is Capricorn


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