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Proper nounEdit


  1. A surname for a maker of rings as jewelry or as in harness.




From Old High German ring, from Proto-Germanic *hringaz, cognate with Dutch ring, English ring, Swedish ring.



Ring m (genitive Rings or Ringes, plural Ringe)

  1. a ring (a circular and hollow object, made of any material.)
  2. a ring (a piece of trinket (consisting of a precious metal, in general) worn around the finger)
  3. a ring (a group of people, often involved into criminal and illegal actions)
  4. (mathematics) a ring (algebraic structure)
  5. (geometry) a ring (planar geometrical figure)
  6. (astronomy) a ring (a collection of material orbiting a planet)
  7. (sports) a ring (a place where events such as wrestling and boxingtake place)
  8. a street that encircles a city where once the old town walls have been.


Derived termsEdit

  • Abstandsring
  • Abstreifring
  • Ankerring
  • Auflagering
  • Augenringe
  • Beißring
  • Ehering
  • Federring
  • Messring
  • Ohrring
  • Ringdrossel
  • Ringfinger
  • Ringschaltung
  • Ringschlüssel
  • Ringschweißgerät
  • Ringstraße
  • Ringträger
  • Ringzunge
  • Seitenring
  • Schrägschulterring
  • Schraubring
  • Südring
  • Trauring
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