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From stick +‎ -y.



sticky (comparative stickier, superlative stickiest)

  1. Able or likely to stick.
    Is this tape sticky enough to stay on that surface?
  2. Potentially difficult to escape from.
    This is a sticky situation. We could be in this for weeks if we're not careful.
    • 2014, Michael White, "Roll up, roll up! The Amazing Salmond will show a Scotland you won't believe", The Guardian, 8 September 2014:
      Salmond studied medieval Scottish history as well as economics at university so he cannot say he has not had fair warning – it was even more turbulent and bloody than England at that time – and plenty of Scotland's kings and leaders came to a sticky end.
  3. (computing, informal, of a setting) Persistent.
    We should make the printing direction sticky so the user doesn't have to keep setting it.
  4. (computing, of a window) Appearing on all virtual desktops.
  5. (Internet, of threads on a bulletin board) Fixed at the top of the list of topics or threads so as to keep it in view.
  6. (Internet, of a website) Compelling enough to keep visitors from leaving.
    A woman has come to me with the complaint that her website is not sticky: 70% of the visits last 30 seconds or less.
  7. Of weather, hot and windless and with high humidity, so that people feel sticky from sweating.


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sticky (plural stickies)

  1. A sticky note, such as a post-it note.
    Her desk is covered with yellow stickies.
  2. (manufacturing) A small adhesive particle found in wastepaper.
  3. (Australia, colloquial) A sweet dessert wine.



sticky (third-person singular simple present stickies, present participle stickying, simple past and past participle stickied)

  1. (Internet, bulletin boards) to fix a thread at the top of the list of topics or threads so as to keep it in view.