See also: OISE, Oise, oíse, and -óise

Alemannic GermanEdit

Alternative formsEdit


From Middle High German unser, from Old High German unsēr, from Proto-West Germanic *unsar. Cognate with German unser, Dutch ons, English our, Icelandic vor.




  1. our
    • 1978, Rolf Lyssey and Christa Maerker, Die Schweizermacher (transcript):
      In oiserem Land isch jede willkchome, sig's als Turischt, als Arbaiter.
      In our country, everyone is welcome, whether as a tourist or as a worker.


  • There are long and short forms of the paradigm, which are interchangeable.
Declension of öise
masculine feminine neuter plural
nominative/accusative öise öisi öises öisi
dative öisem öisere öisem öise
Declension of öisere
masculine feminine neuter plural
nominative/accusative öisere öiseri öisers öiseri
dative öiserem öisere öiserem öisne