Alternative formsEdit

  • chu (H-system spelling)
  • cxu (X-system spelling)


From Polish czy, Ukrainian чи (čy) or the related Yiddish צי(tsi).


  • IPA(key): /t͡ʃu/
  • (file)



  1. (interrogative particle) introduces a yes-no question
    Ĉu li loĝas tie?
    Does he live there?
  2. whether
    Mi ne estas certa ĉu li amas min.
    I am not sure whether he loves me.
  3. Ends a sentence as a rhetorical question or similar meaning (as in "You sure are broke, eh/ain'cha?"). This is a shortening of the sentence-ending "ĉu ne" but it has a slightly different meaning/feeling and seems to be used mostly by people in their 30's and younger.
    Ci ne manĝas viandon, ĉu. (=Closer to "Oh, so I see you don't eat meat" instead of the "You don't eat meat, isn't that right?" which would be meant from the original form "ĉu ne")
  4. (ĉu ... ĉu) whether ... or
  5. (ĉu ... aŭ ne) whether ... or not