Ε U+0395, Ε
Greek and Coptic Ζ

Albanian edit

Pronunciation edit

IPA(key): /ɛ/, /e/

Letter edit

Ε (upper case E, lower case e)

  1. The 7th letter of the Standard Albanian Latin-script alphabet.

Ε (E) (upper case Ε, lower case ε)

  1. The 8th letter of the Arvanitic Albanian Greek-script alphabet.

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Ancient Greek edit

Etymology edit

Phoenician letter he, from which Ε (E, “Epsilon”) derived

From the Phoenician letter ⁧𐤄(h, ).

Letter edit

Ε (E) (uppercase, lowercase ε)

  1. The letter now called epsilon (ἒ ψιλόν (è psilón)), the fifth letter of the ancient Greek alphabet.

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Greek edit

Pronunciation edit

Letter edit

Ε (E) (upper case, lower case ε)

  1. The upper case letter epsilon (έψιλον), the fifth letter of the modern Greek alphabet.

Numeral edit

Ε (E)

  1. The number five in Greek numerals.
  2. (usually followed by a keraia) The number 5000 in Greek numerals.