Greek edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

Inherited from Ancient Greek ἀνα- (ana-)

Prefix edit

ανα- (ana-)

  1. re- (used before both nouns and verbs to indicate repetition)
    ανα- (ana-) + ‎διοργανώνω (diorganóno, to organise) → ‎αναδιοργανώνω (anadiorganóno, to reorganise)
    ανα- (ana-) + ‎ζητώ (zitó, to look for) → ‎αναζητώ (anazitó, to search for, to rummage)
    ανα- (ana-) + ‎βαπτίζω (vaptízo, to baptise) → ‎αναβαπτίζω (anavaptízo, to rebaptise)
  2. indicating above or upward
    ανα- (ana-) + ‎βαστάζω (vastázo, to carry or support) → ‎αναβαστάζω (anavastázo, to hold up high)

Derived terms edit

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