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From Proto-Indo-European *dáḱru. Cognates include Latin lacruma, Gothic 𐍄𐌰𐌲𐍂 (tagr), Old English tēar, Sanskrit अश्रु (aśru) and Old Armenian արտաւսր (artawsr).

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δᾰ́κρῠ (dákrun (genitive ); third declension

  1. tear
  2. Anything which drips like a tear: gum, sap

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Only the nominative singular δᾰ́κρῠ (dákru) and dative plural δᾰ́κρῠσῐ (dákrusi) are attested as being unambiguously from this form. The nominative plural δάκρῠα (dákrua) and genitive plural δακρῠ́ων (dakrúōn) can be from either this form or from δάκρυον (dákruon).

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  • Greek: δάκρυ (dákry)
  • English: dacryo-

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Greek edit

Etymology edit

From Ancient Greek δάκρυ (dákru), from Proto-Indo-European *dáḱru-.

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δάκρυ (dákryn (plural δάκρυα)

  1. tear (from crying)

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