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from Byzantine Greek καθέν (kathén), neuter form of καθείς (katheís), from Ancient Greek καθ’ εἶς (kath’ eîs) "one by one, one after another", from ἕν καθ’ έν (hén kath’ én) "one by one".


κάθε (káthe) (indeclinable)

  1. (individual): every, each
    κάθε υποψήφιος καλείται να …káthe ypopsífios kaleítai na …each/every candidate is required to …
  2. (whatever): any
    με κάθε τίμημαme káthe tímimaat any price
  3. (repetition): every, each
    δουλεύει κάθε σαββατοκύριακοdoulévei káthe savvatokýriakohe works every weekend
  4. (derigatory): any
    κάθε ανόητος μπορεί να …káthe anóitos boreí na …any fool can …

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