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Etymology edit

From Byzantine Greek κάποτε (kápote), from κἄν (kán, even) and ποτέ (poté, once).

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ˈkapote/
  • Hyphenation: κά‧πο‧τε

Adverb edit

κάποτε (kápote)

  1. sometime; formerly, once (of past situations); at some point (of future situations) (an unstated or indefinite time)
    Κάποτε την αγαπούσα αλλά όχι πια.
    Kápote tin agapoúsa allá óchi pia.
    I loved her once but not anymore.
    Αν συνεχίσεις, κάποτε θα χάσεις τα πάντα.
    An synechíseis, kápote tha cháseis ta pánta.
    If you continue, at some point you will lose everything.
  2. (alternating) sometimes ..., at other times ...; sometimes ..., sometimes ...
    Κάποτε μου λέει ότι με αγαπάει, κάποτε όχι.
    Kápote mou léei óti me agapáei, kápote óchi.
    Sometimes he tells me he loves me, other times he doesn't.
    Μ’ αυτήν, δεν ήξερες ποτέ· κάποτε έλεγε την αλήθεια, κάποτε ψέματα.
    M’ aftín, den íxeres poté; kápote élege tin alítheia, kápote psémata.
    With her, you never knew; sometimes she told the truth, sometimes she lied.

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