Ancient GreekEdit


Uncertain. Has been connected to μέλω (mélō), μέλος (mélos), μολεῖν (moleîn), Latin mellere, mellor, and Old Irish mall.




μέλλω (méllō)

  1. to think of doing, intend to do, to mean to
  2. to be about to do
    1. (by fate), to be destined to do, to be fated to do
    2. (by the will of other men, rare)
    3. (to denote a foregone conclusion)
    4. (to mark a strong possibility) to be likely to do
  3. (to mark mere intention, to be always going to do without ever doing) to delay, put off, hesitate

Usage notesEdit

μέλλω (méllō) often stands without its infinitive, when the verb immediately precedes or follows.