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Ancient GreekEdit

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From Proto-Indo-European *meyǵ-, *meyḱ- (to mix). Cognates include Welsh mysgu (to mix), Latin misceō (mix), Old Church Slavonic мѣшати (měšati, to mix) (Russian мешать (mešatʹ)), Lithuanian maišyti (to mix), Sanskrit मिश्र (miśra, mixed), and Old English *mixian, miscian (to blend, mix, combine) (English mix).




μῑ́γνῡμῐ (mī́gnūmi)

  1. (active)
    1. to mix, mix up, mingle
    2. to join, bring together
      1. to join battle hand to hand
      2. to bring into connection with, to make acquainted
  2. (passive, with future middle)
    1. to be mixed up with, mingled among
      1. to be brought into contact with
      2. to mix in fight
      3. to have sex with