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From Proto-Hellenic *mā́kos, from Proto-Indo-European *méh₂ḱos. Cognates include Avestan 𐬨𐬀𐬯𐬀𐬵 (masah), Latin maciēs, and Hittite [script needed] (mak-l-ant-).

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μῆκος (mêkosn (genitive μήκους or μήκεος); third declension

  1. length (spatial measurement)
    1. height
    2. any linear measurement
  2. length (of time)
  3. greatness, magnitude
    Synonym: μέγας (mégas)
  4. longitude
  5. (prosody) length
  6. first line of a phalanx

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  • Greek: μήκος (míkos)

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