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From Ancient Greek νᾶνος (nânos).


νάνος (nánosm (plural νάνοι)

  1. (medicine) dwarf (person of short stature, often one whose limbs are disproportionately small in relation to the body)
    Ο Τύριον Λάννιστερ στο Game of Thrones είναι νάνος.O Týrion Lánnister sto Game of Thrones eínai nános.Tyrion Lannister from 'Game of Thrones' is a dwarf.
  2. (botany, zoology, attributively) dwarf (animal, plant or other thing much smaller than the usual of its sort)
    νάνος φοίνικαςnános foínikasdwarf palm tree
    νάνος χοίροςnános choírosdwarf pig
  3. (astronomy) dwarf, dwarf star (star of relatively small size)
  4. (mythology, folklore) dwarf (member of a race of beings , usually depicted as having some sort of supernatural powers and being skilled in crafting and metalworking)


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