Alternative formsEdit

  • ξ- (x-) (before [a], but also other vowels)


ξε- (xe-) or ξέ-

  1. un-, de- (expressing the opposite, cancellation or removal of a condition)
    ξε- (xe-) + ‎κλειδώνω (kleidóno, to lock) → ‎ξεκλειδώνω (xekleidóno, unlock)
    ξε- (xe-) + ‎μεθάω (metháo, get drunk) → ‎ξεμεθάω (xemetháo, sober up)
    ξε- (xe-) + ‎καρφώνω (karfóno, to nail) → ‎ξεκαρφώνω (xekarfóno, unnail)
    ξε- (xe-) + ‎ιδρώνω (idróno, sweat) → ‎ξεϊδρώνω (xeïdróno, unsweat)
  2. totally
    ξε- (xe-) + ‎κουφαίνω (koufaíno, deafen) → ‎ξεκουφαίνω (xekoufaíno, deafen completely)
  3. (diminutive, little by little, or secretive sense)
    ξε- (xe-) + ‎μακραίνω (makraíno, distance myself) → ‎ξεμακραίνω (xemakraíno, distance myself little by little)
  4. (colloquial) (expressing objection, indifference. Usually in set phrases)
    ξε- (xe-) + ‎μα (ma, but) → ‎ξεμά (xemá, not but)

Derived termsEdit