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From Koine Greek σχόλιον (skhólion).


  • IPA(key): /ˈsxolio/
  • Hyphenation: σχό‧λι‧ο


σχόλιο (schólion (plural σχόλια)

  1. comment, remark, statement (presentation of opinion or position)
    Δεν θέλω τα σχόλια σου όσον αφορά την οικογένειά μου.Den thélo ta schólia sou óson aforá tin oikogéneiá mou.I don't want any comments from you concerning my family.
    Τα σχόλια στο YouTube είναι συνήθως βλακώδεις.Ta schólia sto YouTube eínai syníthos vlakódeis.Comments on YouTube are usually moronic.
  2. (more specifically) criticism, critique (opinion writing in which another piece of work is criticised)
    Δεν της άρεσαν τα σχόλια που γράφτηκαν για την ταινία της.Den tis áresan ta schólia pou gráftikan gia tin tainía tis.She didn't like the critiques that were written about her film.
  3. opinion piece (article in which the author expresses their personal opinion on a given subject)
    Έγραψε ένα σχόλιο στην εφημερίδα για τους ομοφυλόφιλους.Égrapse éna schólio stin efimerída gia tous omofylófilous.He wrote an opinion piece in the paper on homosexuals.
  4. annotation (critical or explanatory commentary or analysis added to a text)
    φιλολογικά σχόλιαfilologiká schólialiterary annotations
    ομηρικά σχόλιαomiriká schóliaHomeric annotations



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