Ancient Greek edit

Etymology edit

Formed as σῠν- (sun-, with) +‎ ἕδρᾱ (hédrā, seat; session); the noun form is a substantive of the adjective form.

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Adjective edit

σῠ́νεδρος (súnedrosm or f (neuter σῠ́νεδρον); second declension

  1. (of persons) sitting in council with
  2. (of birds) sitting together, friendly

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Noun edit

σῠ́νεδρος (súnedrosm or f (genitive σῠνέδρου); second declension

  1. (in form ξύνεδρος) one who sits with others, assessor, assistant
  2. (in the plural, in form ξύνεδρος) select commissioners
  3. (in the plural) delegates to an assembly
  4. (in the plural) council of elders, senate

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Descendants edit

  • Latin: synedrus

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