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U+1F41, ὁ
Composition:ο [U+03BF] + ◌̔ [U+0314]

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Ancient Greek Edit

Etymology Edit

From Proto-Hellenic *ho *hā *tó, from Proto-Indo-European *só *séh₂ *tód. There are many cognates, including Sanskrit (), सा (sā́) तद् (tád), Old Church Slavonic тъ (), та (ta), то (to), and Old English , sēo, þæt (English the, that).

Pronunciation Edit

  • (file)

Article Edit

(hom,  f (), τό n ()

  1. (rarely in Epic, often in later Greek) the

Usage notes Edit

  • The article undergoes crasis with nouns and adjectives that start with a vowel:
    • τὸ ὄνομα → τοὔνομα "the name"
    • τὰ ἐμά → τᾱ̓μά "my (affairs)"
    • τὸ ἐναντίον → τοὐναντίον "on the contrary"
    • τὸ αὐτό → ταὐτό "the same"

Pronoun Edit

(hom,  f (), τό n ()

  1. (Epic, demonstrative) that
  2. (Epic, third person personal pronoun) he, she, it, they
  3. (relative, Epic, Ionic, poetic Attic) who, which, that

Inflection Edit

Descendants Edit

  • Greek: ο (o)
  • Tsakonian: ο (o)

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