Solombala English edit

Etymology edit

Inherited from English yes.

Perhaps Ingvild Broch (1996) made a mistake in reading and the original source was Йезъ! (Jjez!), not Уезъ! (Ujez!). Аs happened with ту (tu, two) where Broch mistakenly took for мы (my).

Particle edit

уезъ (ujez)

  1. yes
    • 1867, Prušakevič, Ivan, “Соломбала зимою и лѣтомъ [Solombala in winter and summer]”, in Архангельскiя губернскiя вѣдомости [Arkhangelsk Governorate News], number 85, Arkhangelsk, page 4:
      О! Уезъ! Больше добра мачка.
      O! Ujez! Bolʹše dobra mačka.
      Oh! Yes! Very good much.

References edit

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