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The adjective is the passive participle of פתח(patákh, to open); the noun is the verbal noun of פיתח(pitéakh, to develop). Both are ultimately from the root פ־ת־ח(p-t-ḥ).


פָּתוּחַ (patúakh) (feminine פְּתוּחָה‎, masculine plural פְּתוּחִים‎, feminine plural פְּתוּחוֹת‎)

  1. (of a door, window, or the like) Open: ajar, standing open, not closed; unlocked, closed but not locked.
    הדלת פתוחה.‎‎ ― hadélet p'tukhá.The door is open.
    נכנסים דרך החלונות הפתוחים.‎‎ ― nikhnasím dérekh hakhalonót hap'tukhím.They get in through the open windows.
  2. (of a room, building, vehicle, or the like) Open: having an open or unlocked door.
  3. (of a restaurant, store, or other business) Open: open for business.
  4. (of a box, drawer, can, or other container, such as a package of food) Open: currently being open, or having been opened (unsealed).
  5. (computing) (of an application, window, dialog-box, or the like) Open: running; especially, currently displayed on the screen.
  6. (figuratively) Open (in various senses).
    נשארות כמה שאלות פתוחות.‎‎ ― nish'arót káma she'elót p'tukhót.There remain some open questions.


פִּתּוּחַ (pitúakhm

  1. defective spelling of פיתוח.