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إِعْلَال (ʾiʿlālm

  1. verbal noun of أَعَلَّ(ʾaʿalla) (form IV)
  2. (Arabic grammar) said of the “weakness” of the حُرُوف الْعِلَّة(ḥurūf al-ʿilla), i. e. ا(ʾ),‎ و(w)‎ and ي(y): their behaviour of alternating between each other, or one of the graphemes and phonemes being converted to the other in certain grammatical positions, as having /īy/ instead of */īw/ and /ūw/ instead of */ūy/ even when what disappears represents the radical.
    Antonym: تَصْحِيح(taṣḥīḥ)