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Borrowed from Ottoman Turkish نمچه(nemçe, Austrian), from Proto-Slavic *němьcь (German). During the Ottoman period, Austria (the Habsburg Empire) was the most significant German-speaking country.

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  • IPA(key): /an.nam.saː/, /an.nim.saː/

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النَّمْسَا or النِّمْسَا (an-namsā or an-nimsāf

  1. Austria (a country in Europe)

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  • Wehr, Hans (1979), “نمسا”, in J. Milton Cowan, editor, A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic, 4th edition, Ithaca, NY: Spoken Language Services, →ISBN

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South Levantine Arabic edit

Etymology edit

From Ottoman Turkish نمچه(nemçe, Austrian).

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النمسا (in-nimsaf

  1. Austria (a country in Europe)

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