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Egyptian ArabicEdit


From Arabic مَتَاع(matāʿ, thing, possession). The initial b- as well as the development of inflections may be due to a merger with the unrelated adjective تَبَع(tabaʿ, belonging), which is used as a similar possessive marker in bordering Levantine Arabic; however, they may also have developed independently.


بتاع (bitā́ʿm

  1. thing whose name is unknown or cannot be remembered by the speaker; thingy
    أحمد هات البتاع!‎‎ ― ʾáḥmad hāt il-bitā́ʿAhmad, get the thing!
  2. (vulgar) penis


بتاع (bitā́ʿ) (feminine بتاعة(bitā́ʿa), plural بتوع(bitū́ʿ))

  1. expresses possession
    الكتاب بتاع أحمد‎ ― il-kitā́b bitā́ʿ ʾáḥmadAhmad's book
    القميص ده بتاعك‎ ― il-ʾamī́s da btā́ʿakThis is your shirt