North Levantine ArabicEdit

Etymology 1Edit

From a diminutive of Arabic أَخ(ʾaḵ). Compare also بي(bayy, father) vis-à-vis Arabic أَب(ʾab).


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خي (ḵayym (plural إخوة(ʾiḵwe))

  1. brother

Usage notesEdit

  • Curiously, خيات(ḵayyāt) is only a valid plural of اخت(iḵt, uḵt, sister), even though the rhyming word بي (bayy, father) takes the plural بيات(bayyāt).

Etymology 2Edit

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خي (ḵayy)

  1. relief! (expressing pleasure with a sudden absence of stress or noise)
    • 2005, Stavro Jabra, التمثيل الناقص [The missing representative]‎[1], Lebanon:
      خَيّْ... خلصنا من أَول جنرال...‎‎
      ḵayy... ḵluṣna min ʾawwal jinirāl...
      Thank goodness... we've gotten rid of the first general...