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عاشق بودن ('âšeq budan)

  1. to love
    عاشق برادرشم.
    'šéq-e barâdárešam.
    I love his/her brother.
    I love you.

Usage notesEdit

This verb, as a compound verb with بودن(budan, to be), which also tends to be used with a pronominal ending with عاشق('âšeq, loving), it can be inflected in several different ways.

To begin, the basic short forms of the verb are:

Frequently, the عاشق('âšeq, loving) use personal pronominal suffixes. The resulting forms are:

Below is a complete set of the above pronominally inflected forms with the short forms of بودن. Note that a number of forms (such as عاشقمیم ('âšeqamim, we love me) and عاشقتانی ('âšeqetâni, you (singular) love you (plural))) would be semantically odd and are not included below.