Arabic edit

خ ط ب(ḵ-ṭ-b)

Etymology 1 edit

Derived from the active participle of the verb خَاطَبَ(ḵāṭaba).

Noun edit

مُخَاطِب (muḵāṭibm (plural مُخَاطِبُونَ(muḵāṭibūna), feminine مُخَاطِبَة(muḵāṭiba))

  1. interlocutor, conversation partner
Declension edit

Etymology 2 edit

Derived from the passive participle of the verb خَاطَبَ(ḵāṭaba).

Adjective edit

مُخَاطَب (muḵāṭab) (feminine مُخَاطَبَة(muḵāṭaba), masculine plural مُخَاطَبُونَ(muḵāṭabūna), feminine plural مُخَاطَبَات(muḵāṭabāt))

  1. addressed, spoken to
  2. (grammar) in the second person, second-person
Declension edit

Noun edit

مُخَاطَب (muḵāṭabm

  1. (grammar) the second person
Declension edit

Persian edit

Etymology edit

From Arabic مُخَاطَب(muḵāṭab).

Pronunciation edit


Classical reading? muxātaḇ
Dari reading? muxātab
Iranian reading? moxâtab
Tajik reading? muxotab

Noun edit

مخاطب (moxâtab)

  1. contact