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وَاس (wāsf

  1. Acronym of وِكَالَة الْأَنْبَاءِ السُّعُودِيَّة (wikāla(t) al-ʔanbāʔi s-suʕūdiyya, Saudi Press Agency).

Persian edit

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Etymology edit

A preposition not attested in Classical Persian and not heard frequently in any area outside of Tehran Province.

It’s from a Caspian language. Compare Gilaki واسی (vâsi, for, because of, the reason of), and Mazanderani وسه (vesse, for, by the reason of).

This would make sense because the people of Tehran and much of the surrounding area were Mazanderani speakers before being Persianized, which happened after Tehran became the capital of the Qajar dynasty.

Compare also Khwarezmian [script needed] (wsn, for, because of), and Parthian [script needed] (wsnʾd /⁠wasnāδ⁠/, for, on account of, concerning, about). The form سی (si) is also heard in languages lurish, Southwestern Fars, Lari(vasoy وَسُی) and many southern dialects.

Pronunciation edit


Classical reading? wās-i
Dari reading? wās-i
Iranian reading? vâs-e
Tajik reading? vos-i

Preposition edit

واس (vâs-e)

  1. (colloquial) for, by reason of, for the sake of