Classical SyriacEdit


From the root ܡ-ܙ-ܓ(m-z-ɡ) related to mixing; compare Arabic مِزَاج(mizāj), Hebrew מֶזֶג(mézeḡ).


  • IPA(key): [muzzɑɣɑ] (singular)
  • IPA(key): [muzzɑɣe] (plural)


ܡܘܙܓܐ (mūzzāḡām (plural ܡܘܙܓܐ)

  1. mixture, blend, compound
  2. constitution, composition, makeup
  3. confusion
  4. moderation
  5. health
  6. time of year, season
  7. temperature, climate
  8. (theology) hypostatic union
  9. (astronomy) conjunction



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