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Borrowing from Kannada ದಕ್ಕಡ (dakkaḍa).


दगड (dagaḍm

  1. stone
    Synonyms: पत्थर (patthar), शिला (śilā)

Usage notesEdit

This word is a member of a class of related words used to express with contempt that an object or a person has no worth. Other words in this class include: दगडमाती (dagaḍmātī), धोंडा (dhoṇḍā), माती (mātī), शेण (śeṇ), झ्याट (jhyāṭ), कपाळ (kapāḷ).

त्याला काय येतंदगड!
tyālā kāy yetam…dagaḍ!
He can't do anything!
(literally, “What comes to him …nothing!”)


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