From प्री ‎(prī)


प्रीति ‎(prītif

  1. any pleasurable sensation, pleasure, joy, gladness, satisfaction (with loc. or ifc.; with ind.p., ‘joy at having done anything’).
  2. friendly disposition, kindness, favour, grace, amity (with समम् or ifc.), affection, love (with gen. loc., or ifc.).
  3. joy or gratification personified (esp. as a daughter of दक्ष or as one of the two wives of काम-देव) Hariv. Pur. Kathās.
  4. Name of a श्रुति.
  5. the 2nd of the 27 astrological Yogas.
  6. Name of the 13th कला of the moon.
  7. a symbolical expression for the sound ध्.
  8. in a friendly way, amicably


  • Monier William's Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 2nd Ed. 1899.
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