From the root मोक्ष् ‎(√mokṣ, to free one's self, loosen, liberate) (verb मोक्षते ‎(mokṣate)).


मोक्ष ‎(mokṣam

  1. (Hinduism) emancipation, liberation, release from; moksha
  2. release from worldly existence or transmigration, final or eternal emancipation.
  3. death.
  4. Name of particular sacred hymns conducive to final emancipation.
  5. (astronomy) the liberation of an eclipsed or occulted planet, the last contact or separation of the eclipsed and eclipsing bodies, end of an eclipse.
  6. falling off or down. (compare गर्भ-)
  7. effusion.
  8. setting free, deliverance (of a prisoner).
  9. loosing, untying (hair).
  10. settling (a question).
  11. acquittance of an obligation, discharge of a debt (compare रिण-)
  12. shedding or causing to flow (tears, blood etc.).
  13. casting, shooting, hurling.
  14. strewing, scattering.
  15. utterance (of a curse).
  16. relinquishment, abandonment.
  17. Name of the Divine mountain मेरु.
  18. Schrebera swietenioides L.


  • Monier William's Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 2nd Ed. 1899
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