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Alternative formsEdit


Borrowed from Classical Persian ریخته(rextā).


  • IPA(key): /ɾeːkʰ.t̪ɑː/, /ɾeːx.t̪ɑː/

Proper nounEdit

रेख़ता (rextām (Urdu spelling ریختہ‎)

  1. Rekhta (A style of Urdu, Hindavi, or sometimes Braj or Punjabi used in poetry that linguistically adapts Persian grammar and vocabulary; a mix of Persian and Khariboli)
    • 1797 – 1869, Ghalib
      रेख़्ते के तुम्हीं उस्ताद नहीं हो 'ग़ालिब'
      कहते हैं अगले ज़माने में कोई 'मीर' भी था
      rexte ke tumhī̃ ustād nahī̃ ho 'ġālib'
      kahte ha͠i agle zamāne mẽ koī 'mīr' bhī thā
      You are not the only master of Rekhta, Ghalib
      they say in times past there was a Mir as well
  2. poetry written in Rekhta


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