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Proper nounEdit

ৰুছ দেশ (rus dex)

  1. Russia
    Synonym: ৰাছিয়া (rasia)


Inflection of ৰুছ দেশ
absolutive ৰুছ দেশ
rus dex
ergative ৰুছ দেশে
rus dexe
accusative ৰুছ দেশ / ৰুছ দেশক
rus dex / rus dexok
genitive ৰুছ দেশৰ
rus dexor
dative ৰুছ দেশলৈ
rus dexoloi
instrumental ৰুছ দেশেৰে
rus dexere
locative ৰুছ দেশত
rus dexot
Accusative Note: -ক (-k) is used for animate sense. No case marking is used for inanimate sense.
Dative Note 1: In some dialects its variant -লে (-le) is used instead.
Dative Note 2: In some dialects the locative marking -ত (-t) or the accusative marking -ক (-k) is used instead.
Instrumental Note: In some dialects -দি (-di) marks this case instead of -ৰে (-re).

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