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Compare Sylheti -ꠔ (-t), Chittagonian -অত (-ot).



-অত (-ot)

  1. in, inside of
    ঘৰghorotinside the house
    কোঠাküthatin the room
    Synonym: -অৰ ভিতৰত (-or bhitorot)
  2. on
    মেজmezoton the table
  3. at
  4. into
    সি পানী পৰিলেxi panit porileHe fell into the water.
    গিলাচgilasotinto the glass
  5. during
    বন্ধ মই লণ্ডনলৈ যাম।bondhot moi londonoloi zam.I will go to London during the holidays.
    দিনdinotin the day
    চন1998 sonotduring the year 1994
  6. for the price of
    টকাexo tokatfor the price of 100 rupees

Usage notesEdit

It is -ত (-t) after vowels.

See alsoEdit

  • -এ (-e) (strictly for days of the week)