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Orthographic ฅน
ɣ n
Phonemic คน
g n
Romanization Paiboon kon
Royal Institute khon
(standard) IPA(key) /kʰon˧/


ฅน (kon)

  1. (neologism) Alternative spelling of คน (kon)

Usage notesEdit

Historically, was never written as (written with the now-obsolete letter ).

The variation stemmed from the corruption of the name of the letter : it used to be called (kɔɔ kɔɔ-kon, “neck of a person”), but that has gradually been corrupted to become the current name (kɔɔ kon, “person”), resulting in the use of to represent .

Nowadays, is occasionally used in book, movie, or TV program titles and such usage is considered a neologism.