Thai edit

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Etymology edit

From Proto-Southwestern Tai *vaŋᴬ⁴ (to listen). Cognate with Northern Thai ᨼᩢ᩠ᨦ, Lao ຟັງ (fang), ᦝᧂ (fang), Tai Dam ꪡꪰꪉ, Shan ၽင်း (pháng) or ၾင်း (fáng), Tai Nüa ᥜᥒᥰ (fäng).

Pronunciation edit

f ạ ŋ
Royal Institutefang
(standard) IPA(key)/faŋ˧/(R)

Verb edit

ฟัง (fang) (abstract noun การฟัง)

  1. to listen; to hear.
  2. to obey; to comply with.

Derived terms edit