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Ancient GreekEdit

Alternative formsEdit


From Proto-Hellenic *aweřřō, from Proto-Indo-European *h₂wer- and the suffix *-yéti. Cognate with Old Armenian գեր (ger).


  • (5th BCE Attic) IPA(key): /a.ěː.rɔː/
  • (1st CE Egyptian) IPA(key): /aˈ
  • (4th CE Koine) IPA(key): /aˈ
  • (10th CE Byzantine) IPA(key): /aˈ
  • (15th CE Constantinopolitan) IPA(key): /aˈ
  • VerbEdit

    ἀείρω (aeírō) (Epic, Ionic, poetic)

    1. (transitive) to lift up, raise, support
      1. (of armies, ships, transitive) to get the fleet under sail
    2. (transitive) to bear, sustain
    3. (transitive) to raise up, exalt
      1. (transitive) to raise by words, praise, extol
    4. (transitive) to lift and take away, remove
      1. (transitive, with genitive) to take away from
      2. (Koine, transitive) to take off, kill
    5. (middle, transitive) to take up for oneself, to win, gain
      1. (transitive) to take upon oneself, undergo
        1. (transitive) to undertake, begin
      2. (transitive) to raise up
      3. (transitive) to take away


    Derived termsEdit