See also: Ἑλένη and Ελένη

Ancient Greek edit

Etymology edit

Traditionally connected to εἰλέω (eiléō, to turn, wind), which can account for the meaning "torch". However, Beekes suggests a Pre-Greek origin, in view of the similar word ἑλάνη (helánē, reed bundle) and the suffix -ένη.

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Noun edit

ἑλένη (helénēf (genitive ἑλένης); first declension

  1. torch, firebrand
    Synonyms: γρᾰ́βῐον (grábion), γρῡνός (grūnós), δᾰΐς (daḯs), δᾰ́ος (dáos), λᾰμπᾰ́ς (lampás), λοφνῐ́ς (lophnís), πᾱνός (pānós), πῠρσός (pursós), φᾰνή (phanḗ), φρῠκτός (phruktós)
  2. corposant, St. Elmo's fire
  3. wicker-basket, used to carry the sacred utensils of Artemis

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