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Ancient GreekEdit


Partly from Median *Arēvand, from Proto-Iranian *Raivant-, *Rayivant- (possessing wealth); see Old Armenian Երուանդ (Eruand) for more. And partly from Median *Arvand; compare Avestan 𐬀𐬎𐬭𐬎𐬎𐬀𐬧𐬝-‎ (auruuaṇt̰-, swift). The name of the river is from the second only.


  • (5th BCE Attic) IPA(key): /o.rón.tɛːs/
  • (1st CE Egyptian) IPA(key): /oˈron.tes/
  • (4th CE Koine) IPA(key): /oˈron.tis/
  • (10th CE Byzantine) IPA(key): /oˈron.tis/
  • (15th CE Constantinopolitan) IPA(key): /oˈron.dis/
  • Proper nounEdit

    Ὀρόντης (Oróntēsm (genitive Ὀρόντου); first declension

    1. the name of any one of a number of ancient Armenian kings named Orontes
    2. the river Orontes




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