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Etymology 1Edit

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パスタ: various kinds of pasta.

Borrowing from Italian pasta.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


パスタ (rōmaji pasuta)

  1. pasta
Usage notesEdit

The borrowed term パスタ (pasuta) only refers to foods derived from western-style pasta. This does not include traditional Asian foods like うどん (udon), そば (soba), ラーメン (rāmen), or ワンタン (wantan).

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Etymology 2Edit

パスタ: a kind of ointment or salve.
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Borrowing from German Pasta,[1][2][3][4][5][6] or more likely from the homophonous and more common spelling Paste (salve, paste).


パスタ (rōmaji pasuta)

  1. (medicine) Clipping of パスタ剤 (pasuta-zai, a fat- or oil-based medicinal salve, ointment, or balm).
Usage notesEdit

This term is seldom used for its medicinal meaning, and more commonly refers to the food. However, the medicinal sense may have more currency in medical contexts.



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