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For pronunciation and definitions of – see 數字 (“numeral; number; figure; etc.”).
(This term, 数字, is the simplified form of 數字.)


Kanji in this term
Grade: 2

Grade: 1
kan’yōon goon
Alternative spelling
數字 (kyūjitai)
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(すう)() (sūji (kyūjitai 數字)

  1. a digit (numeral)
  2. a numeral
  3. a figure, a thing expressed as a number (e.g. television viewership, score of games or sales)
    • 2019 December 1, ““キムタクがキムタクを(つらぬ)く”(ここ)()よさ、キャラの(かい)(ほう)(たし)かとなった()(むら)(たく)()という(かんむり)”, in Oricon News[1]:
      …shichōritsu fushin no kono jidai ni roku-shū renzoku futaketa o kīpu shite iru. Daga honsaku no hankyō wa sūji kara dake de wa yomitore nai. terms of viewership rate depression, it kept getting double-digit viewership rates for six consecutive weeks. But the reaction to the program cannot be measured by figures alone.


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