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For pronunciation and definitions of – see 科學 (“science; scientific; systematic; methodical”).
(This term, 科学, is the simplified form of 科學.)


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科學 (kyūjitai)
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First attested in the mid-Meiji period as a translation of English science.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

Coined in Japan of Middle Chinese-derived elements (ka, field) +‎ (-gaku, school, study).



()(がく) (kagakuくわがく (kwagaku)? (kyūjitai 科學)

  1. science
    Teikyō Kagaku Daigaku
    Teikyo University of Science
  1. a field of study

Usage notesEdit

Sometimes pronounced as しな学 (shinagaku) in order to differentiate from the homophone and phonetically identical 化学 (kagaku, chemistry). (Can this(+) etymology be sourced?)

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