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laugh; smile dimple
trad. (笑靨)
simp. (笑靥)




  1. dimple that appears when one smiles
  2. (by extension) smiling face, especially of a female


Dialectal synonyms of 酒窩 (“dimple”) [map]
Variety Location Words
Classical Chinese 靨輔
Formal (Written Standard Chinese) 酒窩笑窩酒靨笑靨
Mandarin Beijing 酒窩兒
Taiwan 酒窩
Harbin 酒窩兒酒坑兒
Jinan 酒窩
Muping 酒窩兒
Luoyang 酒窩兒酒坑兒
Jiedian 笑靨窩兒
Xi'an 酒窩兒
Zhengzhou 酒窩兒
Xining 酒窩兒
Xuzhou 酒窩兒
Yinchuan 酒窩
Lanzhou 酒窩兒
Ürümqi 酒窩兒
Wuhan 酒窩
Chengdu 酒窩窩兒酒窩
Guiyang 酒窩
Guilin 酒窩
Liuzhou 酒杯窩酒窩
Kunming 酒窩
Yangzhou 酒窩子酒塘
Nanjing 酒窩
Nantong 酒窩兒酒塘兒
Cantonese Guangzhou 酒凹
Hong Kong 酒凹
Shunde 酒凹
Zhongshan 燒酒凹
Dongguan 燒酒凹
Hong Kong (Weitou) 酒凹
Taishan 酒凹
Doumen 酒凹
Kaiping 酒凹
Shaoguan 酒凹酒窩
Xinyi 燒酒窩
Lianjiang 酒杯凹
Nanning 酒窩
Wuzhou 酒窩
Yulin 酒窩
Hepu 酒窩
Kuala Lumpur 酒凹
Gan Nanchang 酒窩
Lichuan 酒窩
Pingxiang 酒靨氹酒窩氹
Hakka Meixian 酒凹
Xingning 酒壺哩
Huidong 酒凹
Qujiang 酒凹
Xiaosanjiang 酒杯印
Luchuan 酒窩
Changting 酒靨酒靨子
Pingyu 酒靨
Wuping 酒靨子
Ninghua 酒靨
Yudu 酒窩子
Ruijin 酒靨子酒窩子
Shicheng 酒靨
Shangyou 酒窩子
Miaoli (N. Sixian) 酒窟仔
Liudui (S. Sixian) 酒窟仔
Hsinchu (Hailu) 酒窟
Dongshi (Dabu) 扭酒窟酒窟
Zhuolan (Raoping) 酒窟仔
Yunlin (Zhao'an) 酒窟
Hong Kong 酒凹
Sabah 酒凹
Senai 酒凹
Huizhou Jixi 酒靨
Jin Taiyuan 笑窩窩
Xinzhou 笑顏泊兒
Min Bei Jian'ou 酒窟仔
Min Dong Fuzhou 酒窟
Fuqing 酒窟
Matsu 酒窟
Min Nan Xiamen 酒窟
Quanzhou 酒窟仔酒窟
Zhangzhou 酒窟仔酒窟酒塌仔
Taipei 蛀窟仔酒窟仔
Kaohsiung 酒窟仔
Tainan 酒窟仔
Taichung 酒窟仔酒凹
Wuqi 酒窟仔
Hsinchu 酒窟仔
Taitung 酒窟仔
Lukang 酒窟仔
Sanxia 酒窟仔
Yilan 酒窟仔
Kinmen 酒窟仔
Magong 酒窟仔酒窟
Penang 喙窟
Pingnan 酒窩
Chaozhou 酒盅窟
Shantou 酒盅窟
Haifeng 酒窟仔
Johor Bahru 酒盅窟
Leizhou 酒盅
Puxian Min Putian 喙窠
Xianyou 喙窠
Pinghua Nanning 酒窩
Guilin 酒窩
Wu Shanghai 酒靨笑靨酒窩
Suzhou 酒靨
Hangzhou 酒靨兒酒窩兒
Wenzhou 酒丼笑靨兒
Chongming 酒田
Danyang 酒吸塘塘酒塘塘
Jinhua 酒靨兒
Ningbo 老酒窞窞酒窞
Xiang Changsha 酒窩子
Loudi 酒氹
Quanzhou 酒窩酒蛋蛋

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