Korean edit

Pronunciation edit

Revised Romanization?mulga
Revised Romanization (translit.)?mulga
Yale Romanization?mulqka

Etymology 1 edit

First attested in the Seokbo sangjeol (釋譜詳節 / 석보상절), 1447, as Middle Korean 믌〮ᄀᆞᇫ〯 (Yale: múlskǒz), from 믈〮 (Yale: múl, “water”) + (-s, genitive marker) + ᄀᆞᇫ〯 (Yale: kǒz, “edge”). Presumably displaced Old Korean 汀理 (riverbank).

Noun edit

물가 (mulga)

  1. water's edge; bank, shore
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Etymology 2 edit

Sino-Korean word from 物價, from (thing) + (price), with compound/genitive tensing applied.

Noun edit

물가 (mulga) (hanja 物價)

  1. price of commodity