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-áil f

  1. suffix used to form verbal nouns
    fáil, formerly spelled fagháil, verbal noun of faigh (to get)
    gabháil, verbal noun of gabh (to take)




  1. suffix used productively to form denominative verbs and their associated verbal nouns
    iarann (iron) + ‎-áil → ‎iarnáil (to iron)
    spág (a big, clumsy foot) + ‎-áil → ‎spágáil (to shamble, trudge)

Usage notesEdit

This suffix is particularly common with English loanwords. The Irish-language poet Cathal Ó Searcaigh in his poem "Cainteoir Dúchais" (published 1997 in the collection Out in the Open) uses the following verbs, most of them probably nonce words:

  • hoovereáil (to hoover)
  • jeyes-fluideáil (to disinfect with Jeyes Fluid)
  • harpickeáil (to clean with Harpic)
  • vimeáil (to clean with Vim)
  • flasháil (to clean with Flash)
  • windoleneáil (to clean with Windolene)
  • eau-de-cologneáil (to apply eau de Cologne to)
  • shagáilte (shagged out)
  • cruiseáil (to cruise)

Derived termsEdit